So this is the first in my series of Zoe meets: My blog is essentially a place when I thought dump, ramble and hopefully provide you with some useful content and inspiration. Although alot of what I write here is opinion and/or personal experience, I am the first to admit I'm no expert in alot of topics so this series is all about chatting to the experts and sharing their knowledge and advice on their areas of expertise!

First up we have Luke Backhouse, owner and founder of Hence. I've been using Hence products for a while now and have felt many positive benefits since taking the Greens and ZN Mag stack but with a few seemingly similar on face value products on the market, I wanted to get the low down from Luke as to why we should choose Hence over the others!

Can you give us a brief background as to where the inspiration for Hence and the name came from:

2 years ago I was looking optimise my health and fitness, and wanted to go one step further than what I ate and started looking into a methodology to decide what I needed in my diet and what I was deficient in and also what other needed. I found other greens products that didn't quite fit the bill, they were only 30-40% of what I wanted and needed, so I decided to look into making my own product and turning the idea into a business. I knew that it was more than just Greens, it was health and nutrition- macro and micro nutrients, fitness, homeostasis, which is where the business idea was formed. The product came first and the business followed as I realised there was a market here, hence I called it Hence! Hence started as a passion project and just blew up into something huge.

So, there are hundreds of greens products on the market, why is Hence different?

There are actually a few major differences-, firstly the ingredients I selected were selected were phytonutrients (multi faceted) and adaptogens, meaning they work in synergy with each other. Other products on the market tend to either have a small micro dose of either hundreds of ingredients or a small number of ingredients with small quantities. For example 5g of spirulina in a pack that is 500g isn't enough to warrant taking it! Hence Greens Stack packs nearly 2.5g into each serving! My ingredients work together with each other to unlock more benefits. I took a long time researching ingredients and how they worked together to get the perfect mix of 13 natural ingredients from around the world to pack a potent punch! Hence Greens Stack is very dense so it is absorbed well by the gut. Some of the other brands on the market little more than big dried leaves loosely packed as this is the cheapest way to buy it and obviously not as fresh.

What benefits am I going to feel from taking Greens Stack?

Phytonutrients are 'super ingredients' with loads of benefits, spirulina is a great example of this because of its nutrient density. Adaptogens then come into play and these are herb based and provide a 'feeling' when combined with the phytonutrients. If you take any old green powder, on day 1 you'll feel nothing, well you might feel a slight energy boost because of the antioxidants you've put into your body, but essentially there will be no real change. Adaptogens such as lions mane mushrooms, and, maca, all have that feel good factor, you'll feel a little happier and more energetic, and when you combine these with the phytonutrients, or super ingredients, you're experience the feeling with the good stuff!

So..... if all these great benefits are contained in this powder, does that mean I don't have to eat my veg anymore?!

Haha! Well, in theory, from a scientific standpoint, you COULD reduce your vegetable intake, BUT, I would never recommend it because there is no real way of getting the right amount of fibre in your diet if you don't consume vegetables. Aside from fibre there are a few other things that can't go into a powder that we get from vegetables. Our diet should really be around 50% vegetables sourced from the ground near to where we live if possible. Essentially good food is fuel, and to replace that fuel with a greens powder would be pretty nuts!

So what other products do you make that compliment Green Stack and can help me reach my goals?

First up is ZN Mag. It's a post workout recovery product. Its providing your body with the things it is crying out for post workout but not the things you will immediately be able to get your hands on! Post workout food eg a shake, breakfast etc will provide you with your body's macronutrient requirements, but to provide your body with the right amount of magnesium, zinc, B6, B12, B3, in that meal is going to be a little more challenging for most people, unless you eat a large handful of pumpkin seeds after each workout! I also added a few more ingredients that we tend to be deficient in, like vitamin D3.to help cell to cell energy replenishment The supplement also contains undenatured type || collagen to help keep joints healthy and also huperzine A which helps reduce grey cell matter breakdown in the brain. It really is a 4-in-1 super supplement!

There are a couple more products in the pipeline to include Green Stack in a travel form, so it will come in a single serving bio degradable pod for when you are on the move, and a CBD coconut oil. I'm super excited about this product because it is so different. Its extra virgin coconut oil with broad spectrum CBD oil with proven 0.00% THC, which is necessary for competitive athletes likely to be tested.

And that is Hence in a nutshell! One man on a mission to change the world! (nutritionally at least!) But don 't just take our word for it!! Give Hence a try and puit it to the test. use code ZOE5 at the checkout and save money on your order!!