Its a super contentious subject that I'm often asked about. Are the poses and flows I post on social media actually how I do yoga?

Rewind 18 months and I posted endless pictures of arm balances, inversions, hardcore drills and contortionist poses because it made for a pretty picture or video. Sometimes I just posed 'for the gram' my body wasn't warm and my pose was formed of little more than ego. The likes and comments flooded in- 'you look amazing' ' great strength' 'such strong yoga' and it stoked my ego so I carried on. Then the reality kicked in. First the injuries started, a pulled shoulder, an over worked hip and I was forced to slow down. At first I didn't like it. My body softened and my super sculpted arms didn't look as strong and for a while I sought an alternative way of sculpting my body, from lifting heave weights to endless pull ups and push ups. This lead to more injury and also the realisation I wasn't enjoying anything and damaging my body and mind in the process.

So that was a really long introduction to my point! If you're still with me thank you!

Nowadays my social media reflects my journey. I document everything from the struggles to the wins. Sure it's a highlight reel and I don't show the ugly and I keep alot back for myself and my family because that's me and it's important that I keep memories for myself and don't document them on film or share them with the world.

Last week I spent the week in Bali, one of the most inspiration places I've ever been. The place I called my spirit home, the place where I feel alive. And I rolled my mat out 3 times! In total I did approx 2.5 hrs asana practice during the week. In Bali I don't need endless hours of yoga. I don't crave my mat for endless hours because I get everything I need from my surroundings and my quiet mind.

So to cut a long story really short the yoga you see on my Instagram is my yoga. I very rarely strike a pose anymore for the sake of a yoga shot. The videos I post are snippets from the practice, more often than not I take a snapshot from them to post a picture. Yes I do yoga in a bikini by the side of the pool, it's not staged. I don't need a rubber mat or fancy leggings to practice yoga. I don't need inversions and arm balances.and I certainly don't need endless drills to tone by body.

For me yoga isn't about that anymore. Yoga is about unity and peace. It's about my breath in my body and it's about what I'm ding in a given moment. My Instagram portrays my yoga as reality and if that no longer gets the likes and comments then being true to myself is all the validation I need.