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Another Sunday, another flow to end your week! This time it's yoga for shoulders. There has been a time in everyones life when they have suffered from sore or stiff shoulder. Whether it's workout related, tension related, stress related, we've all been there!

These poses are great to do on their own or to tag on to the beginning or end of a longer flow, warm up or session.

These poses are some of my go- to morning stretches. When I wake up, it's often my shoulders and back that feel the tightest and these are gentle enough for me to do first thing!

There is no right or wrong in terms of breath or how long you should do these moves for, just work with your body, do what feels good for you, modify where you need to and, more than anything listen to your body. It really is the best guidance. If you really have no idea where to start or you're completely new to yoga, hold each pose for 5-10 breaths and repeat as many times as you need to.Check out my Instagram post here to see the flow in action

Mobility and a good range of movement are paramount to everyday life. If you are a CrossFitter or athlete, you will find doing this routine a few times a week, will help in many areas of your body..

Shoulder openers

Starting seated on the knees or bottom clasp the hands and vary between stretching the arms straight upwards and straight out in front, breathing and working into the shoulders and loosening everything up. I like to spend a couple or minutes here wringing out the tension and getting the blood flowing!

Forward fold

With the feet about hip width apart, hinge from the hips, keeping the knees soft and take the chest towards the thighs and the crown of the head towards the floor, gently cycle the legs by bending the knees to release the hamstrings. Clasp the hands behind the back and take them over the head to release the shoulders. Keep the heels of the hands pressed together.

Downward dog variations

From downward dog take the left hand to the right ankle, calf or outside of the knee. Keeping the right hand and the feet firmly rooted take the gaze under the right armpit. Repeat on the other side. Keeping the heels lifted and the knees soft if needed. The spine should be long and the hips high.

Puppy pose

From all fours, with your hips stacked directly over your knees, start to walk the hands forwards and let the chest begin to melt towards the floor. Bring the fingers into a 'tent' to deepen the stretch. Keep the tops of the feet pressing into the floor and breathe into the shoulders. Try gently swaying the hips from side to side 'wagging the puppy tail' for a slight variation.

Eagle arms

From kneeling, take the arms straight out to shoulder height and gently cross the left arm on top of the right till the backs of the hands or palms are facing each other, lift the fingers and gaze towards the sky so the elbows are above the shoulders and breathe, repeat on the other side.

Childs pose

From all fours, bring the big toes to touch, open the hips as wide as is comfortable and sink the bottom back towards the heels. Extend the arms in front and melt the forehead down to the ground. Send the breathe all the way down the neck, into the shoulders and spine and rest here for as long as is needed.

To see the flow in action, head over to my Instagram post and give it save so you can give it a go when you need it most! Remember to tag me if you try it and most importantly remember to breathe in all the poses!

Enjoy x

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