Food glorious food!! In case you didn't know I love food and I love to eat healthily. Although I do love to cook and get experimental in the kitchen I often lack the knowledge of ingredients and the time to really explore the flavours so when I heard that Derek Sarno from Wicked Healthy was collaborating with Tesco to produce a new plant based convenient range of pre prepared meals I couldn't wait to try them! I'm also a fussy and picky eater so when I cook for myself I tend to stick to the ingredients I know I like whereas this range has a huge number of foods I would normally avoid so it's a wicked way to add variety to my diet and have the hard work done for me!

Tesco whisked us off to Food@52 to a top secret event hosted by the man himself where he and his team cooked us up a plant based feast showcasing dishes from the range as well as loads of hints and tips to make vegan cooking more fun and flavoursome. No more plain veggies and grains!

I hold my hands up, I'm not a vegan but I do try to make tweaks to my nutrition where I can, eating more plants and being more aware of my ingredients and where I source my food from but I'm the first in line when someone combines the words vegan and tasty.

Tesco and Derek Sarno have joined forces to bring the Wicked Kitchen range of vegan meals, from grab and go lunchtime wraps and salads to "posh' ready meals ranging from pizza to meat (less) amazeballs.

My absolute favourite meal is the Caponata Sourdough Pizza. If I didn't already know I would never have guessed it was vegan. Also as I said before, I can be a super fussy eater! Tomato, aubergine and olives are all on my no go list yet make up the ingredients for this dish. It's so so tasty and moreish but the perfect portion size for a guiltless treat and not feeling like you're missing out. It's a dish I will definitely be serving to dinner party guests as a hors d'oeuvres at the first occasion.

I served the veggie pasta and amazeballs to my kids and they never even questioned it, assuming they were being served regular meatballs, leaving me as a mother, safe in the knowledge that they were eating nutritious plant based food that took no prep or lengthy cooking.

What I love most about the range is the ease and availability of the meals. Every recipe has been carefully curated with a wicked twist. The sauces pack a punch, the spices add a kick and the veggies are prepared in imaginative and tasty ways.

Keep an eye out for the meals in your local Tesco stores or click here and experience them for yourselves, you won't be disappointed!