Although I'm not vegan I do err towards vegan protein powders because I find some whey can leave me feeling bloated and sluggish. I use protein powder almost every day to supplement my diet because I eat a more plant focussed diet and I want to ensure I am fuelling my body with an adequate amount of protein. Protein powders can be really hit and miss, especially vegan varieties. Chalky, gritty, flavourless, sawdust like are all words I'd use to describe some of the brands on the market that look great, have a great following and endorsement and brand message that i've tried (and believe me I've tried loads!).

I'm not here to bash those brands I don't like but celebrate the ones I love and use regularly. I get asked so often to give advice on protein powers, moreover vegan protein powders as they are growing in popularity and variety. I'm no nutritionalist but I know what I like and what I look for in a protein. My protein powder cupboard is bursting at the seams and all the brands I use have their place but here are my favourites and my go tos and the ones I hand on heart love and use.

This post isn't at all sponsored or affiliated with any brand or person. It's just my opinion on what I like in the hope it will help you too!

Free Soul Vegan Protein Blend

Inside the super cute packaging is a complete plant based protein specifically aimed at women. Don't be put off by the girly exterior, this protein is a mixture of pea protein isolate, white hemp protein and key nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Aswell as being vegan it's gluten free, GMO free and contains natural flavourings. Taste wise it's a HUGE thumbs up from me. I find some brands only offering limited flavours in vegan protein so when I tried the Free Soul Berry flavour I was pleasantly suprised! It's not chalky or gritty and there's no funny aftertaste that I find with some vegan proteins. It also contains an impressive 20g protein per scoop! On the whole I love it and it's definitely a regular in my cupboard.

Innermost The Health One

With too many 'frees' to list them all (think soy, lactose, GMO, gluten...) Innermost's nutritionist approved proteins are made using effective research backed ingredients and live up to all their claims. With an super impressive list of active ingredients from glutamine, Japanese mushrooms, bilberries, camu camu and acai berries, Innermost promise to never use artificial flavour, colour or aspartame in their blends. Packing in a whopping 30g protein from a 40g serving, it's one of the highest vegan proteins I've found. It comes in 2 flavours (chocolate and vanilla) and blends super well into a shake with just milk or water or as part of a smoothie with fruit and veg! Again no chalk, grit or funny sawdust like taste my only problem is I find it hard to choose between chocolate and vanilla!

Vega Clean Protein

Vega was the first vegan protein I tried and i was spoiled as i thought all vegan protein powders were this good (boy was I wrong!) The name 'Clean' protein doesn't fall into the same category of 'clean eating', it's not a fad diet or drive to lose weight. "Clean' in Vega's world means non GMO, suitable for vegetarians and vegans, gluten free and non dairy ingredients. Made from pea, hemp, alfafa and pumpkin based protein, it's high in protein, low in sugar and the vanilla flavour is the creamiest, most vanilla-y of vegan protein's I've tried. I love Vega Clean Protein in shakes, smoothies and even stirred into my oats it still keeps it's creamy flavour! Another permanent in my cupboard!

KIN Nutrition OMG! NO WHEY

If you're looking for a no fuss, great tasting vegan protein KIN is right up your street! With only 6 ingredients in their famous OMG! NO WHEY protein and 25g protein per 35g serving, their unique recipe is not only super tasty but also dairy free, soy free and gluten free. Even the tub is recyclable, could it get any better?! Yes!!! The flavours! I'm torn between the coconut and blueberry as my favourites, but my current coconut obsession sees me reaching for the coconut more times than not! Perfect for cooking with or mixing into shakes or smoothies, I love everything from the packaging to the taste to the amazing people behind the brand!

So there we have it! My 4 favourite vegan proteins! If you have any brands or recommendations you love please please let me know! I love trying them out and experimenting with them in different ways!