We all lead busy lifestyles. We all wish there was an extra hour in the day for doing those things we love. But what if we could do them just by being a little more organised and creating new habits and maybe breaking some old ones we know we should! Here are my top 5 tweaks for creating extra time in your day


Schedule me time in your diary.

Just like you would a meeting. It's an appointment with yourself. If you use an online calendar even better! Set yourself a daily appointment to roll out your mat or to go for a run. It seems obvious but if you get a reminder at a certain time you're more likely to do it and eventually it will become second nature!


Be Prepared

Finding time to meditate or do yoga in the morning may seem like an impossible task but there are a few simple things you can do to give yourself some precious time. Simple things like filling the kettle before you go to bed and laying out the mugs, spoons, coffee etc. Making and packing lunches for the next day and leaving them in the fridge ready to grab and go. I prep everything for the next day the night before knowing in the morning I have time to give myself those important minutes to start the day in the right way.


Step away from social media!

Hands up who rolls over in the morning, picks up their phone and scrolls Instagram or heads straight to check their emails? I've been guilty in the past but now I make sure I at least get up, boil the kettle and set my daily intentions before I reach for the phone. We can all too easily get dragged straight into something negative that means we don't start our day in the right way but I find if I start it in this way it can give everything a positive slant.


Shorten the to do list.

You've got a list a mile long every single day but you never seem to get it all done. It can make us feel stressed and anxious and like we're constantly in a hamster wheel. While I'm not saying throw all rules out the window (although every now again it can be really energising!- try it!), just acknowledging that you can't do it all and maybe scaling back some things can really help. Try prioritising your to do list. Make sections: have to do, nice to do and not important. How many things are on each section? Are there things you're doing daily out of habit that you can maybe do every other day giving yourself a little more time!


Learn to say no!

You don't have to accept every single invitation to go for drinks or dinner. It's not rude to say no to coffee. We're so hell bent on not offending people that we're scared to say no for some reason ultimately hurting ourselves by never stopping. Be selfish every now and again. It's ok to say no and take more time for yourself I'm by no means an expert but these life tweaks really helped me carve out precious time in my life. I'm sharing them in the hope that you can take something from them too! If you've got any time saving tips please share. Comment below or send me a message. Zoe x

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