So this post started as a reflection of the last decade but quickly escalated into a book/therapy session so I quickly canned it! 2019 has been the hardest year I've had in a while, maybe because it's because it's so fresh, or maybe because it really was hard, but I've learned some valuable lessons, from mistakes, and living!

This year has also been a year of firsts. I competed in my first individual and team CrossFit competitions. As a serial 'non follow through-er' this was huge for me! There have been so many times in the past where lack of self belief have stopped me from following through to the end with things, but 2019 was the year, I finally shut out the self doubt voices and actually made it to the competition floor.

This year I've lived in the shadows a little, I've felt a little scared to speak up and put myself out there. I've been working through things behind the scenes that I have't been ready to share outwardly, and haven't felt the need to. I've taken a year to figure stuff out about myself, what I like, what I don't like, what makes me feel good, and not so good. It's still a work in progress but slowly I'm figuring it out!

So here are 19 things I've learned along the way this year!

1) Sleep really is important

2) Life is so short and precious, we really need to make the most of the time we have here

3) If you want something bad enough go out there and don't stop until you get it

4) Nothing comes for free, it's not gong to land in your lap if you sit and wait

5) Your competition isn't other people

6) You're never too old to start over or start something new

7) Putting your phone down and living in the present is truly living

8) Never change yourself for other people

9) If something isn't working it's ok to walk away, you are in complete control of your own mind

10) Protein muffins, breads, and cakes are disgusting!

11) I moan alot

12) Self belief is everything, It's not enough to have other people believe in you if you don't believe in yourself

13) You are not everyones cup of tea and they are not yours- this is ok!

14) There's no such thing as 'ready', if you're waiting for a sign, it will never come!

15) No-one has it all figured out, despite what it may look like on the surface

16) Follow your own path, don't try to walk in the footsteps of others

17) I still don't like tomatoes or mushrooms or fish and I never will!

18) Movement is my medicine

19) I am incredibly blessed and loved