Call me biased but I truly believe Bali is magical. Since I first visited in 2017, I've felt a constant pull back there and after a further 3 visits, it never gets old. Bali has a unique way of touching your heart and soul. It engrains itself deep inside you and never lets go.

In 2017, I felt lost and confused, a little unsure of who I was, so I did the cliche thing and visited Bali alone to try to 'discover' myself. Less Eat, Pray, Love - more Eat, Pray, Sleep! I needed space with my thoughts, I needed somewhere undisturbed, beautiful, natural, and somewhere I felt safe and secure. I knew that's what Bali had given me from my earlier visit so I knew that's where I needed to go. I had visions of serenity, hours of journalling, practicing yoga, sitting in the sun and finding myself (whatever that meant), but in reality, my trip wasn't quite like that.

During my 7 night trip I decided to visit 4 different places, hotels, towns, and resorts, determined to see all I could to absorb as much as Bali as possible in 7 days, here was my first mistake, as soon as I felt settled and comfortable I was travelling again and spending hours in the car to get to the next town. Don't get me wrong, the drives are breathtaking, they are truly the best way to see the 'real' Bali, but at the same time they are tiring and make you feel you are missing out on valuable time.

I like structure and routine and I didn't manage to find it during this trip. I thought I wanted complete space and time away from everything, but I actually discovered, I like to have people around me for the most part, with a little me time sprinkled in here and there! And I also like some kind of plan instead of endless days to fill myself.

I went to Bali to escape 'real life', I expected to come home and find everything was changed and different, I didn't realise at the time, it was me that needed to change, not my surroundings. It took me a while, but now I look back on my trip and realise how much the time away actually did for me.

I had never travelled alone before.

I had never given myself permission to be a person away from being a wife and mother.

I had never invested time, energy and money in myself before.

I had never stepped outside my comfort zone and security blanket to do something that scared me before.

All of these things I achieved, and looking back I definitely grew massively as a person from this experience just not as I imagined I would.

Bali gives everyone a different feeling and experience that can't be described, only experienced. Just like yoga, Bali is something that I want to share with as many people as possible, which is why we have created the ultimate Bali retreat experience for you. Daily yoga and meditation, amazing food, Balinese natural beauty sprinkled with a touch of luxury. This experience will allow you to experience Bali, give you the alone time you may crave, whilst also giving you the safe and secure environment of being in a group. This is your sign, the sign to take the leap and invest that time and energy in yourself and really experience the magic of Bali.

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