A short yet sweet one from me today in the form of a thank you. High on the back of winning the Health Bloggers Award for best Yoga, Wellbeing and Spirituality Blog 2018, I felt it necessary to write a post to solidify my win!

What started as a space for me to justify the hours I spent doing yoga has turned into so much more than a hobby. Originally a page to share my passions and my journey, I soon realised that what I was writing about and experiencing was actually helping and inspiring other people! Although not a straight road, rather one of twists, turns and a few (too many) speed bumps, I'm finally making my way, my mark and being heard!

I realised quickly that I wasn't mainstream. I don't live in London, I don't have a gaggle of fitness friends, exercise in the coolest studios or have the ability to flaunt a six pack (my 20- something self would have killed for all of the above!!). Initially I berated myself for what I didn't have. What I didn't realise then was that what I did have was what would set me apart.

So the fact that I'm closer to 40 than 30, I have kids and my body tells the tale, I quit a solid 9-5 to jump into the unknown and I live in a city that shuns the fitness scene, actually works to my advantage! It's my niche, it's my calling card. And the fact that I do what I do, achieve what I achieve and 'manage' to do so on a daily basis means anyone and everyone can!! I've been there, I've made the mistakes and I've found a way to make it work! There's no magic formula, no pill or tea that can help you, there's just you!

So that's what this space is here for. To show you that you can too. Your journey may not be same as mine, you may be on a completely different path but we aren't poles apart You and I, we're just two stars in a huge universe full of other stars, blissfully sharing the same space, completely unique and forging our way.

Well this got a little deeper and longer than I planned and I haven't even started to say what I originally planned to, which was thank you. Thank you to each and every one of you who takes the time to share this space with me. Whether it's from a biased point because you feel you should (thanks hubby!) or whether what I share has touched or helped you in any way, thank you.

I LOVE to hear from you so please please please either comment below or send me a private message or email and I will respond. I'm just getting started here, I have a lot to share so if you have any questions, comments, thoughts, suggestions then please do reach out.

Forever grateful

Zoe x