I don't want to jinx things by saying it may finally be Spring here in the UK but there is definitely something yellow in the sky that makes me smile and warms my face! So the perfect timing for The Botanist to launch their Spring menu and invite us along to sample the wares and wow us with their menu!

We opted for a Friday lunchtime as a perfect start to the weekend and a perfect excuse to sample a cocktail or two (strawberry and elderflower Bellini in case you're interested and it tasted as good as it sounds!) and have a lazy 3 course lunch.

I've never eaten at The Botanist before and was really keen to sample the menu as I've heard good things. I saw the menu a few days before we went and tried to pick my food before hand- I tend to check the menus out first as I can be a pretty fussy eater and also stick to a mostly plant-based diet so I like to check there are yummy options to fit my desires and with tasty and plentiful vegan options alongside gluten free, vegetarian and dairy free there was plenty to choose from for all types of eater (aswell as loads to choose from for my meat and two veg eating husband!) Due to the vast choices I decided to go with the flow and pick on the day knowing I could see what I fancied instead of just picking the only option that fit my wants and needs.

Ok so on to the food.... For starter I plumped for the curried hummus and crudités and Rob opted for the pork crackling. Both dishes were super tasty and also super large but we both have big appetites so that was good with us! The food was fresh and tasty my only wish was that my flatbread was warm as it would have made a good started great!

Picking my main was a harder option. Rob went for the classic Steak & Ale pie with mash and peas and I finally decided on the Halloumi & Falafel "Famous Hanging Kebab" with sweet potato fries. One thing I can't resist is halloumi so when it's on the menu I feel obliged to have it and falafel is my all time favourite food so a combination of the 2 was heaven! It didn't disappoint and the falafel was tasty and crispy just how I like it! The only downfall is my inability to remove said halloumi from the skewer and me dropping the biggest piece on the floor (in case you're wondering the 5 second rule doesn't count in public and no I didn't eat it!)

And then desert.... In my younger days I always opted for starters over desert, now I'm firmly a 3 course girl although my eyes are often bigger than my belly i'll give it a good go! When Rob & I eat out generally I pick my desert then I pick his for him as I end up eating it anyway and this was no different! We (I) went for the Baked Cookie Dough with Salted Caramel Ice Cream and the Peanut and Chocolate Brownie Cake and polished the lot off! It was a classic case of eyes bigger than the belly but I didn't let it defeat me. It was the highlight of the meal!

If you happen to pop in to The Botanist for coffee or cocktails make sure you get a desert to accompany them they really are almost too good to be true (maybe share the though as they are really filling!!)