I admit it I'm terrible at self care. Be that resting, taking time out, looking after my skin and I've always got away with it without any major repercussions. As my mom always warned me, things will catch up with you in later life, and at the wrong side of 30 my skin is beginning to take it's toll.

I've never had time for a long beauty regime. I'm quite literally a wash and go girl. A face wipe or a face wash, a quick layer of make up and I'm good! But recently i've been lusting after dewy, flawless skin and try as I may with different foundations and highlighters I can't achieve it. Then it dawned on me that it wasn't about what went on top to cover everything up, more what was below that needed fixing. My skin wasn't in a good state. Dry in places, severely dehydrated, I had puffy cheeks, dark circles and visible pores (see below, 'before picture')

I take so much time and care looking after my body and concentrating on working out, fuelling my workouts but completely neglect my skin. When Murad invited me to try their skincare to see what a difference it could make in just 2 weeks I jumped at the chance. I used a combination of the Rapid Age Spot Correcting Serum, the City Skin Broad Spectrum SPF50 and the City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturiser. In conjunction with these products I invested in a jade roller to boost my circulation and combat puffiness ( I keep this in the fridge and it's amazing to use first thing- it's so cooling and refreshing!)

So after 2 weeks of religious cleansing, applying serum and moisturiser and jade rolling did I see a difference? You can see in the side by side (and above), my face on the right is less puffy. My under eye area is smoother and less puffy and my skin tone and texture is smoother and more even.

I've not changed my diet in any way, my sleep patterns haven't changed and my working out/activity is the same. The only difference is in the care I've taken of my skin. It's made me realise that a skin care regime isn't time consuming, I was just making excuses. For the first time in years I've gone foundation free for over a week now and I feel confident that keeping up this self care regime will mean my skin will improve even more over time. I just wish I'd listened to my mom all that time ago and started in my teens but it's never too late!

All opinions and words are my own, products were provided by Murad for my use but this post is not sponsored.