I started CrossFit last summer as a complete newbie! A yogi used to walking around bare foot, clad in Lulu's and mala beads. When I stepped foot inside my box I soon realised that I needed a quick wardrobe and accessory upgrade in order to be able to CrossFit safely and effectively! These are my top 5 must haves if you are new to CrossFit

1) Proper trainers/footwear

My preference when working out is bare foot (the yogi in me) or chucks if I have to wear footwear but i soon realised that I needed some more supportive and functional trainers for CrossFit. I invested in a pair of Nike Metcon's. The price tag on these can be eye watering (I was lucky and snagged a bargain at my local Nike outlet), and they aren't strictly necessary but they do support the feet well for all aspects of CrossFit. Otherwise a supportive pair of trainers will do just fine but make sure you are comfortable to run, lift, row, jump etc

2) Plenty of layers

I'm just discovering winter in the box is COLD!! My gym is essentially a large warehouse with gym equipment. Perfect for a gym, not so perfect if you feel the cold! No heating, tiled floors, concrete walls and swinging doors means you start off very cold but soon warm up! Hats, gloves, coats, base layers, you name it I wear it. It does however, get warm so make sure you have a lighter clothes on for when you are boiling mid WOD!

3) Liquid chalk

For slippy barbells and rig work. My Psychi liquid chalk was game changing. No more slipping on my pull ups and no more re chalking after every set. I apply it before my WOD and it stays put until I wash it off. I highly recommend grabbing a few bottles of this and keeping one in your bag, car, rucksack etc so you are never without!

4) A supportive sports bra!

I soon found out my pretty yoga bras weren't going to cut the cloth. A typical CrossFit session can see me doing any of all of these skills from burpees, skipping, running, lifting, box jumps and a proper bra that supports is a must for all girls regardless of your chest size!

5) An open mind and a great attitude!

Cheesy as it sounds CrossFit is all about community and team spirit and you have to embrace it when you join a box. I've always been a solo exerciser. Preferring to work alone and motivate myself but since joining in group classes at the Box my outlook has completely changed. Right from my first session I was welcomed with open arms, encouraged, championed and lifted up. Every single person regardless of age, race, ability, sex is treated in exactly the same way, like one of the family.

I'd love to hear your CrossFit experiences or if you have any must haves that I might have missed!