For so many years I didn't care what I put into my body because I didn't see any lasting effects from excess food, alcohol, lack of vitamins and minerals (despite what my mom warned me!). In the last few years, as I've become more and more involved in health and fitness, and I'm obviously getting older, I'm very aware that my body need more than I was providing it. I love trying and testing new products and seeing what, if any, effect they have on my body, my hair and skin, and my overall health.

For the past 4 weeks I've been using ALL•K•ME Youth Foundation and Green Elixir. ALL*K*ME asked me to try the products for a month and provide my open and honest feedback on some of their most popular products.

Aswell as being 100% plant based, all ALL•K•ME products are sustainable sources of vitamins and minerals and aim to add to the body where some modern day diets tend to miss.

Youth Fountain

Youth Fountain is ALL•K•`ME's collagen supplement. 2 capsules to be taken daily, provides you with the all important collagen that the body needs for skin regeneration, and healthy skin, hair and nails. Youth Foundation was designed to stimulate the body to regenerate more collagen on its own. In the month I've been testing the product, I've noticed a difference in the strength and length of my nails specifically. Normally, they break and split and I never see any growth, but I'm currently sporting hands I don't need to hide away from! I've also been receiving comments and compliments about my hair, despite not doing anything differently! It's healthier and shinier and just feels better as a whole.

Green Elixir

As someone who is a little dubious about the claims of 'superfood powders' (plus I already take a greens supplement daily, that I've taken for well over a year), I wasn't sure whether Green Elixir could add anything to my health. Green Elixir is designed to add vitamins and minerals to your body that you may miss in your diet alone. The list of ingredients is easy to ready and understand and doesn't contain any chemicals or nasties as bulking agents or stabilisers. What drew me to the elixir was the claims of improving the bodies pH level by creating a more alkaline environment. it also contains probiotics which are essential for good health and overall digestion. I have noticed a slight difference in my digestion and general gut health since taking the products, there were a couple of days where I was travelling and didn't take the elixir with me and when I returned home and took it again, I noticed straight away the difference in my digestion.

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*This post contains products gifted by ALL•K•ME but all opinions and reviews are my own