An opportunity presented itself to me a few weeks ago that I felt compelled to explore. For a while, I've been feeling that I'm lacking a little direction and clarity regarding my business, so when Melissa Kuman, aka The Delicious Nutritionist, offered me the chance to work with her over 3 life coaching sessions I dived straight in with nothing to lose to see if she could help me where others have failed* (*disclaimer others haven't failed, its me that seems to always fail myself by not following through!)

I explained to Melissa during our first session that I felt like I didn't have a real purpose and I was struggling to find traction in my business, as I was a little unsure exactly how to elevate myself and turn my passions into something that gave me freedom, financially, personally, and mentally. The first hour of my coaching covered my values, we explored my long term goals and also discussed exactly where I felt I was lacking. The hour flew by and before I knew it I was booking in my session for next week and hanging up the phone.

If I'm honest ,I felt a little underwhelmed after my first session. I think I expected some huge breakthrough or clarity that I didn't get and I felt a little bit like I'd failed at the first hurdle. Then my second call came around super quick (I decided to have the sessions on consecutive weeks because I feel I could get traction the best this way), and we dived straight in to some goal setting. Melissa managed to ascertain in about 90 minutes that it wasn't my business that was the problem, but the person behind it, aka me that needed some work! it seemed I was self sabotaging and belittling myself at every corner which was putting a block up on actually progressing anything.

During this session we set some goals for the week, the coming weeks and the future. Goals that would take me further down the path towards my ultimate goal, the big prize! Small manageable things that I could almost tick off a list, some things that were simple, some that were a little scary, but all things that were perfectly in my power to do.

I finished session 2 feeling lighter, feeling like I could change things. I was the one that had to make these changes, no one could do them for me.

I approached my third and final session full of energy and determined to carry on with the success I'd achieved in the session the week before, and also the work I'd done over the week. In session 3, Melissa took me through a visual NLP exercise. I've never really liked visual exercises because I'm a very black and white person, and I struggle to be imaginative and creative soI just don't feel that exercises like this work for me, however this one was different! The exercise stirred up thoughts and feelings and also a determination to move forwards and gave me the clarity I needed to see what my next steps will be.

I feel like the sessions really opened my eyes to myself and made me question whether I was on the right patch, or just flailing around wildly in the dark. I feel like I have quite a bit more work to do towards my goals. I'm not even sure whether I'm on the right path, or even headed in the right direction but the coaching has given me the tools to look at my long term goals and break them down into small stepping stones and to keep working towards them day by day. It's not an overnight fix but it's a valuable experience that I feel everyone and anyone could take value from.

You can find Melissa's website and services here

*the coaching sessions provided by Melissa were complimentary in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. All words and opinions are my own

You can find Melissa's website and services here