It looks like the sun is here to stay, and while we're (mostly) jumping for joy at the prospect of a hot summer, we also need to make sure we're looking after ourselves accordingly! Here are my top tips for coping with the heatwave and staying healthy!

Drink more water than normal

Even if you don't feel thirsty chances are you need to take in some more water. You'll be sweating more and you're body needs water to stay cool (alcohol and caffeine don't count). Buy a reusable bottle and keep it in the fridge to keep it cool and keep sipping and refilling throughout the day. I love adding fruit/veg to mine to mix it up too! Strawberries and mint are my faves!

Try not to exercise outdoors in the middle of the day

Your body temperature rises anyway during exercise, add sun to the equation and you'll get even hotter, losing more sweat, potentially leading to dehydration and exhaustion. Try to workout first of last thing when it's cooler or stick to indoor workouts or air conditioned gyms!

Switch to lighter meals

Or moreover listen to your body! Large, hot meals can make you feel even hotter and lethargic. Switch your hot veggies for salads, your oats to granola or yoghurt. You may even find your appetite disappears a little and you don't want as much food as usual. Chances are your activity may have slowed down a little due to the heat so this is normal! Just listen to your body and fuel it how it wants to be fuelled!

Have cool showers

if you still can't bear the thought of a cold or cool shower then running your wrists under cold water can help too! It helps to cool the blood and can leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised!

Use a cooling mist or spary

A spritz of cooling mist can be a god send in the heat. There are loads available on the market but absolute favourite is Pretty Athletic Workout Glow- Hyaluronic Vitamin Tonic. I carry it in my bag and spritz in onto my face whenever I get hot or sweaty. It contains aloe vera and rosewater so it's cooling and smells amazing too!

Freeze your fruit!

. For instant refreshment and a sweet snack try frozen fruit. My favourites are grapes and watermelon. Simply slice your melon, freeze (overnight ideally) and enjoy. It's a great alternative if you've already guzzled gallons of water and you're still hot and need refreshment!

As always I'd love to hear your tips so please comment below or tag me on social media and stay safe in the heat x