Photo @jamespurvis21 for Lorna Jane Uk

We've all been there. The invites for nights out and boozy lunches start coming in and before we know it we're mid way through December and can't face the thought of another glass of mulled wine or mince pie!

Fast forward to January 1st and we're filled with self loathing and looking for a quick fix or detox which plenty of companies have us believing is the way to eradicate the month of December easily!

Over the years I've been on the December binge and January restrict cycle but last year I did something different and reaped the benefits, springing into January like a smug elf!!

Here are my top 5 tips for a stress and guilt free festive period:

1) Say no!!

The invites flood in and you feel obliged to go to every event but you don't have to! I've wound at up at one too many party I didn't want to go to because I was afraid of offending the host. Be firm yet kind, and remember to look after yourself, not other peoples feelings!

2) Schedule in me time

Take a yoga class, shut the bathroom door and indulge in a bath, get your nails done. Anything that isn't Christmas or party related! Daily me time is ideal, if thats too much, try it a couple of times a week (and try to eep the habit up going forwards too!!)

3) Move daily

It's getting colder and wetter and we can't resist getting cosy under a blanket and watching Christmas films all day but make sure you are still moving your body. A brisk walk a couple of times a day, some gentle stretching or even a full on sweat session. However your body likes to move make you do it daily!

4) Breathe!

Yes we all do it naturally, it sounds like the most simple thing in the world but if you feel the pressures of shopping, wrapping presents, cooking dinner, decorating the house... (the list goes on!). Just take a few minutes to breathe. Simply sitting and concentrating on breathing through your nose. Find a quiet space or room (the car works too if the house is constantly crazy!), sit still and breathe. Start with 10 nasal breaths. Almost instantly you'll feel calmer and more revitalised.

5) Take time to be grateful

I've started a daily gratitude list and this time of year reminds me especially how lucky I am and how much I have in my life. It's not about presents and what's under the Christmas tree, but about the love and happiness in my life and how much I have compared to some others at this time of year. If that doesn't make you feel happy over the festive period nothing will!! It doesn't have to be a huge list. Start with 3 things a day. It can be as small as being grateful for a warm bed, hot meals and running water. Just thinking about the little things soon build up into bigger things