So we've all got super busy lives and we all want to eat well and fresh but hands up who struggles to be creative in the kitchen and stick to the same old week in week out? Sound familiar? I know sometimes my dinner can be like groundhog day and spending hours trawling the internet for recipe ideas really doesn't appeal to me so I need something simple, quick and inspiring. Say Hello to HelloFresh's (no pun intended!) Flavour Generator. Imagine spin the wheel for meal ideas!

Simply choose the inspiration of the meal you fancy - British, Mexican, Indian, Middle Eastern or Italian. Decide whether you want spicy, sweet, herby, tangy or a surprise and spin the wheel!! A recipe is created for you based on your choices and a yummy image is shown with the prep time. If you don't fancy what you see you can either spin again or choose another meal. It's quick, simple and takes the pain out of picking from a huge list of meals.

I loved that the recipe allowed you to pick your portion size and adjusted the quantities of ingredients accordingly (something I hate having to work out myself) this was another massive time saver for me. All your nutritional values are worked out for you, great if you are conscious of your calories and macros and even a handy list of utensils is provided for you!

I fancied a spicy middle eastern recipe to cook, spun the wheel and was presented with Chickpea Falafel with Saffron Couscous and Harissa Yoghurt. It must have been able to read my mind! Falafel is one of my diet staples but I have to admit I buy it ready made and have never made it myself before so this was the perfect opportunity to try it. The recipe was simple and straight forward and looked and sounded absolutely amazing..

The ingredients were pretty basic store cupboard ingredients and nothing out of the ordinary. I did have a look around some of the other recipes to see if I was cooking the best one and there were a few ingredients listed that you'd have to go to a specialist store for but on the whole the ingredients on the site are pretty accessible and easy to get hold of.

I love cooking for the whole family and meals that I can tweak and add to and take from if I need to for the kids are also a massive tick in my book. This one hit the spot perfectly for all of us and was even simple enough for little hands to get involved in the prepping and cooking!

The instructions were super easy to follow and you can even part prep it and just cook it up when you want to. I cooked up a big batch and used it as lunches for the week. It's also super easy to change the flavours, I switched up my yoghurt daily by adding a different spice and also added some extra greens as a side as I love my veggies!

All round it was a win win, new flavours, quick and simple to make with ingredients you find in most store cupboards. Give it a spin and see what it generates for you!!