Hand's up! I'm the worst person ever at sticking to goals! I make them, I write them down, hell, I even tell people sometimes. But then I forget about them and moan in 6 months time when I still haven't achieved them! A few years ago I did quite a bit of work on goal setting. My goals used to be along the lines of lose 3 stone, win the lottery and write a book in a month. I get you need to dream big, but at the same time, need to be realistic here and set goals that are achievable instead of pie in the sky!

Nowadays, my goals are more specific and realistic while at the same time still pushing my boundaries and comfort zones. So at the beginning of the month (when I remember-- told you I was the worst), I sit down and write my goals for the month. These can be anything from fitness, travel, personal, business. I write them down in my book/diary/phone with the very best intent. Then I close the book or the app and I forget about them until I use the notepad or book again, I then kick myself for forgetting and vow to be better next month. This cycle then goes on and I wonder why I never get any closer to reaching them!

This is me being brutally honest, with myself more than anything! So, at the end of May I set about making myself some goals for June. I even set them a few days early to make sure I had the whole month to achieve them instead of procrastinating about them for a few days! Today is 10th June. I set 5 goals for the month. So far I've started working towards 2 of them- this is a personal record here!! So what's changed? A few things! Firstly, I put my goals out for the world to see. (see my Instagram post here), that way, not only had I committed to them, I'd also told people about them and sent them out to the universe so I couldn't back out. I also held my hands up and admitted I was terrible at sticking to goals and asked for advice from those around me on how they stick to their intentions.

These were my favourite and some of the things I've tried so far:

Get a coach or buddy. Someone to be accountable to. This doesn't just apply to goal setting but so many other things! If you don't have a coach or the budget to get one, grab a friend, family member, or even a virtual friend/stranger you seek validation from on the internet and be accountable to them instead of yourself. Sometimes we need that 3rd person to push us a little more!

Get SMART- we've all used this analogy before! Goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timed. This avoids the huge head in the clouds dreams and allows you to break bigger goals down into manageable chunks (see below). Yes, goals need to be challenging but at the same time they need to be realistic and achievable which is where I was going wrong before!

Break huge goals down into smaller manageable chunks. So you want to ru a marathon but you're struggling to get off your sofa right now. Sure it might not happen next month, but what can you do to work towards it now? Can you start on a couch to 5k programme this month? Maybe in 3 months you'll have increased the distance again until eventually that 26.2 miles won't just be a pipe-dream!

Don't be afraid to recharge and revisit your goals. If you change your mind or need to reassess at some point in the moths, that's fine!! You haven't failed. Our paths aren't straight and in one direction. Life changes pace constantly and goals can change too, its a journey and your goals should enhance this journey, not halt it!

Do you set goals? Do you have any accountability tips to share? Comment below or send me a message, I'd love to hear them

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