If i'm completely honest this post is as much for me as for you! Why? Accountability! I am the best at setting goals and the worst at seeing them through. I advise clients and friends to set goals as a way of measuring success, breaking down what can be huge things, in the grand scheme, into bite sized chunks and also as a way to really propel yourself forward to greater things. Sometimes I know what the end goal is but I don't know how to get there so if I break it down into smaller parts that all contribute to the bigger picture it seems less daunting, sound familiar?

I used to set goals at the beginning of the year but found that sometimes what I thought I wanted in January had changed by May so I abandoned it and forgot about tit. Then I switched to monthly. This was a lot better but I found I had bigger goals that weren't year sized but also were going to take more than 30 days and I started to feel disheartened if I had to carry them over to the next month as I felt a sense of defeat. So I decided to settle on quarterly goals! 90 days (give or take!).

If it takes 28 days to make or break a habit and I'm only giving myself a month I'm not really playing fair so quarterly makes much more sense to me!

So quarter 2, or April, May & June. I sat down on 1st April and wrote my goals for quarter 2. I write them down in a notebook to refer back to and also track my progress. I prefer to write it on paper instead of my notes on my phone as I like to alter and change my goals sometimes throughout the quarter. If I start with a goal for instance to read more and I decide by week 2 I want to read more philosophy books for example I like to add to my goal. Sometimes I'll completely change something or cross it out and if it's in my notes in my phone I just erase and replace it but if it's on pen and paper I cross through it and add another to the end that was I can still see my original goal as I like to read back over them as they clearly served me at some point to write it in the first place!

Another common misconception is that goals have to be huge or meaningful to everyone. Goals are personal to you. Whether you want to eat less meat or get outside every day, no goal is too

big, too small or too silly to write down. That's the beauty of goal setting!

In terms of the actual goals you set I strongly advise you not to make them all so 'easy; that you achieve them all by day 2 but also on the flip side don't make them so huge that you don't think you can achieve them. My goals are a mixture of 'nice' goals (think getting a manicure once a week), and goals that push my boundaries and make me face my fears!

Sure, make your goals ambitious, reach for the stars and work damn hard to make sure you achieve them, but also have fun along the way and look back at the end of the period with a sense of accomplishment, then look forward and set even bigger and better ones for the future!

My quarter 2 goals

1, Read more

2, Take on more one to one yoga clients

3, Meditate daily

4, Launch new website

5, Finalise new coaching packages and launch and market

6, Secure first coaching clients

7, Get more creative in the kitchen- reply less on pre prepared plant based meals

8, Care less what others think of me

9, Stop being apologetic for my decisions about my life

10, No phones, laptops, TV for at least 30 minute before sleep

Do you set goals? I'd love to hear your answer and your goals. Please share them below or with me on social media or feel free to drop me an email alohaandcoffee@gmail.com x