Happy National Fitness Day! A day dedicated to raising awareness of how fitness can help us to lead healthier and more active lifestyles! Fitness has always been a huge part of my lifestyle from a young age. Growing up with a fitness instructor mom, I've always been aware of the positive affects of fitness but I also got sucked into a place where I was using fitness to excuse bad lifestyle choices over the years.

I'm super happy that these days are behind me and now fitness is so much more than working out to me. Fitness helps my body and my overall health but it also has a positive impact on my mind. Mental exercise is as important as physical! Yoga helped me to increase my mental fitness by allowing me to slow down and be more conscious of my mind body connection and has allowed me to carry this over to other physical activities and also into every day life.

Fitness doesn't have to be a vigorous workout or a gym session. You can keep the body and mind fit in so many ways (which don't require snazzy kit or a huge gym membership). My top 5 ways to keep my body and mind fit are:

1) Walking!

A brisk walk twice a day helps clear my mind, move my body and keeps my dogs happy!! I always try to leave my phone at home and walk for 20 minutes twice a day at a brisk pace. Its the time I do my thinking, my contemplating, my gratitude practice and also work through anything that's on my mind or clouding my judgement.

2) Reading.

One for the brain as opposed to the body but great for keeping the mind fit and active. As we read we are constantly visualising and recalling words and images. Igniting our imagination and using many parts of the brain. A perfect excuse to lock yourself away with a book for a few hours!

3) Tty a new exercise class.

It doesn't have to cost the earth, in fact most gyms and clubs offer your first class free or at an introductory rate. It's great for the body, you could make some new friends and its also good for the mind as it keeps the brain healthy by experiencing different environments and experiences

4) Take an online class.

New to yoga? Fancy a sweaty HIIT session, you can find a variety of classes online for free I have a few You Tube channel with various yoga flows for all levels if you fancy getting flexy with me! It's perfect for those of us with little time to spare, it's there on demand, you don't need any fancy kit and you can work out in your pjs if you like!

5) Write or journal.

Similar to reading it's a great way to really activate the mind as you recall experiences and relive them as you put pen to paper. It's also great to read back and again relive those moments, recalling how you felt, the smells, the touches, the atmosphere. Perfect for a rainy day!