I was stopped in the street a couple of weeks ago by a lady who had heard about my yoga classes and wanted to come and try one. She told me how she was nervous to join because she wasn't flexible or fit and hadn't tried yoga before.

She went on to tell me how she had tight and sore hips and then showed me how she couldn't touch her toes. Although I reassured her and promised her that yoga was for everyone, despite her want and commitment to come to the class, she never showed up......

Over the last few weeks I've had a few complete beginners to yoga join my class. They are all joining for the same reason. To become more flexible. To relieve stress and anxiety. To explore a more mindful life. They show up full of nerves, questioning their bodies abilities and they get frustrated when they can't achieve a pose or can't balance 'perfectly'.

But they keep showing up, something is drawing them back. The answer?...Every week they are growing both physically and mentally.

One of my beginners sat on his mat after his first class and shook his head in amazement at where he had taken his body and what he had been able to achieve. He came to me for stress relief and to compliment his years of running and vigorous workouts. He later messaged me to thank me for guiding him through his first yoga practice, eager to learn more; and to this day he is one of my most eager students. Hungry to absorb everything. So keen to further his journey.

All because he took that leap and came to his first class.

There is absolutely nothing to be scared of. No one will judge you. No one is looking at you. No one cares if your tree falls and sways or if you stay in childs pose for the whole time. I care that you show up and you believe in yourself.

I'll be your biggest supporter, your teacher and guide. Wherever you are or wherever you want to go we all have to start somewhere and that's ok!

All I'm asking is that you give it a try, give it a chance, come on in........

Z xx