Is anyone else always hungry or always thinking about food or is it just me? I always have the best intentions to go to the supermarket and buy all the ingredients to make the most inventive amazing healthy meals and aways end up buying the same and eating the same just for ease and speed.

In 2018 I vowed I would get more creative and spend more time prepping and cooking beautiful meals and alas a month in I haven't made time yet. So I cheated! Well I didn't cheat exactly. I let someone do the work for me. Peel, chop, cook, freeze and deliver straight to my door!

Everdine do all the hard work so you don't have to! They create mouthwatering recipes, whip them up and freeze them straight away meaning they don't have to add anything artificial that you might find in meals that sit on supermarket shelves for a few days!

Best thing is they pack and deliver them straight to your door so you can just pop them in the freezer at your convenience. I've used meal delivery services before and ended up with a fridge full of meals I don't particularly like and they end up past the eat by date and in the bin.

The meals are tasty and filling. With nutritional values clearly printed and ingredients listed so you can see exactly what goes into your food. The website is easy to use. Simply log into your account and choose your meals. I picked a wide variety as I wanted to taste as many dishes as I could! I opted for veggie and meat options as I love mixing my dishes up but you can mix and match as you please!

Top tip: try the Coconut Katsu Chicken with Edamame Rice. It was my favourite! Tasty and filling and super moreish!

Whats more, if you enter the code INZOEW at the checkout you get an amazing £5 off your first order plus free shipping! ore!

This post contains an advertorial for Everdine however all opinions are my own