I didn't have a clue what I wanted for breakfast this morning but I knew it wasn't oats and I knew I wanted it to be quick so I whizzed this smoothie together and it hit the spot just perfectly so much so that I thought i'd share the recipe for you as you all seem to love my liquid concoctions!

I prefer my fruit to be frozen for my smoothies because it gives a more creamy texture plus it makes it thicker which is how I like them! It's also great for those slightly over ripe bananas, just chop them into coins chuck them into Tupperware and freeze then they can be chucked straight into your blender and you never have to worry about wasting them if you don't eat them!


1 frozen banana

Handful frozen raspberries

Huge handful spinach (I use frozen sometimes but I had some fresh that needed using today!)

1 large tsp Pip n Nut peanut butter

1tbsp flax seed

1 carton original CocoPro (you can use coconut water and protein powder as an alternative)

Just pop everything in the blender and whizz till it's at your desired consistency and enjoy!