If you know me you know I love my active wear and am always on the hunt for a new pair of leggings! I stumbled across Flybery on one of my many internet trawls searching for something, anything that caught my eye!

I'm really particular about my leggings because I live in them 24/7 so they have to go the distance, pass the transparency test and also look good but with so many brands out there, so many websites to scroll through and without the luxury of days to spend online shopping, I more often gave up and stuck to the same pair of leggings in all the colours they made just for ease!

Queue At the click of a button you've got all your favourite brands and literally thousands of products in one place! Click on pants and capris and there are pages full of your favourites and new brands from around the world that you've never even seen before! They run exclusive discounts and promotions too so you're always getting a really great deal, the sale never ends!

A brand that really stood out to me on Flybery was Carbon 38, from the colours and designs to the names of their new Sayang collection they are truly beautiful. Sayang, or love in Bahasa Indonesian, combines handwoven intricacies with knots and braids to create a truly stunning new range absolutely perfect for yoga, pilates or just wearing because its a weekday! My personal favourite from the new range is the Ubud Bra and Padang Leggings. The leggings have a high waist perfect for holding everything in, pass the transparency test and are super soft yet light. The bra has gorgeous weaving at the sides but at the same time is super supportive and withstands even the most vigorous of vinyasa practices! Not only this but it looks gorgeous too and is so unique and certainly stands out from my usual brand favourites

So if you love your activewear and are in need of some inspiration or just fancy a good old shopping session, head over to and shop away!!



*This post is in collaboration with Flybery however all opinions and words are my own