So anyone who knows me (and if you don't you've probably guessed by the name) knows I love coffee! I try to limit myself to 2 a day (3 if I'm feeling rebellious!) but I've started to notice If I drink it after 2pm it affects my sleep and also I'm no longer getting the enjoyment I was. I've cut out the takeaway coffee shop coffees because they were more a meal of sickly milk than an enjoyable coffee and I've been searching for a replacement for a while.

Although I love green tea and herbal tea it doesn't quite do it for me as a morning drink so I was over the moon when I discovered Pure Chimp Turmeric Matcha Green Tea. I like to add oat or coconut milk to my morning drink as it makes it taste more luxurious than just hot water and gives me that morning boost I need!

I regularly opt for Matcha lattes when out and about but have never recreated my own at home so I was excited to see how it tasted!! Unfortunately I don't have a milk frother so a silky foamy latte it wasn't but it tasted just as good! My go to is to mix the matcha into a paste with a little water, add 1/2 mug/cup coconut milk and top up with water stirring as you top it up!

Aside from the great taste and the fact that I have cut down of coffee I love the health benefits of Matcha. Pure Chimp use ceremonial grade matcha from Japan and know the exact origin so you can rest assured it's of the highest quality. The matcha is a vibrant green colour when the paste (matcha and water) is made prior to adding milk so again its a huge thumbs up as I know it's top notch! Aswell as a metabolism and energy boost matcha is packed full of antioxidants and can help to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

So there we go, what's not to love?! It's an acquired taste but it's definitely worth a try especially if you're trying to cut down on coffee or just look for an alternative!

Product was gifted by Pure Chimp but all opinions are my own and this post is not sponsored