Do you use supplements? A question I get asked so so often. What do you use? Why do you use it? Can you recommend anything? Supplements can get a pretty bad wrap, more often than not because people aren't properly educated and gain their knowledge from who they follow on social media or which brand has the biggest marketing budget and get their adverts in front of our eyes.

I count my diet as being pretty balanced, I enjoy my green veggies as much as my chocolate, my smoothies as much as my pizza but I'm the first to say it's not perfect and I could do with a little helping hand here and there. Almost like mind readers, Link Nutrition got in touch to ask if I would trial some of their range of food based supplements and I jumped at the chance. Recently I've been taking a vitamin D supplements and a joint support and dabbled here and there with other vitamins but not developed a consistent routine.

As a yoga teacher, CrossFitter, and always on the go mom, I have a list o what I need my body to be able to do and I'm not afraid to supplement where I need to to make sure I achieve it.

I started CrossFit about 10 weeks ago and my joints and muscles are being used more than they have in a long time. I notice odd aches and pains in my hip especially (not helped by my hyper mobility) so I chose to trial the Joint Support supplement. It contains turmeric to help inflammation, vegan glucosamine and Vitamin C. Since trialling the joint support for over a month, I have noticed that my hip is aching less and I haven't noticed the aches and pains I usually do,

I also tried the Magnesium, to go hand in hand with the joint support and to help my recovery times and muscle fatigue . Magnesium is important in a number of different ways. From helping to regulate our sleep, to help with performance and recovery. When I took magnesium in conjunction with the Joint Support my recovery times were shorter, my muscles less fatigued and my sleep way way better.

Thirdly I need to shout about the Night supplement. Although I try to get a solid 8 hours sleep I wouldn't class myself as a good sleeper. I have an established bedtime routine ad adding the Link Nutrition Night capsules to this only aided my sleep! I make sure I move my phone into another room at least an hour before I go to bed, I drink a night time tea and I take 2 Night capsules about 30 minutes before I go to sleep. I also use a silk eye mask to block out any bits of light creeping through and I can hand on heart day my sleep is better than it's been for years (since having kids!). The sleep supplement contain lemon balm to induce calmness, glycine to promote sleep quality and magnesium to reduce fatigue.

All the Link Nutrition supplements are food based, meaning that they are made from real food and not synthetics, and many are vegan.

Note I am not a trained nutritionalist, all words and opinions are my own and the results you get from supplements may be different to mine. Please consider consulting a trained professional before supplementing your diet if you are unsure in any way