Dear younger Zoe,

You will make mistakes that at the time seem like the worse thing to ever have happened but it will be ok and you will realise in the years to come that they shaped you to become an amazing mom and wife. Listen to your mom though, when she said if you eat crap during your teenage years you will have problems in later life, she was right. You will go through years of yo-yo dieting and self loathing. Don't try every fad diet under the sun though, they don't work and you will spend years being unhappy. Just eat a balanced diet and that will see you through life!

Oh and don't drink pints, they aren't becoming for a lady and will make you put weight on very quickly, even though at the time you will think you look amazing, when you look back at the pictures in your 30's you will realise you look swollen and unhappy! On that note don't use sun in on your hair, it will never recover!

Your legs will never be skinny, and you'll realise you actually don't want them to be, the hours on the stepper and bike will just build up your calves, not give you model like legs. Embrace your strong legs at an early age and work with them not against them. And on that note exercise because it makes you feel good and not as a punishment for the bad food and drink choices you make. 3 back to back Les Mills classes will not cancel out the 2 bottles of wine and pizzas you consume a few times a week!

Travel while you have no responsibilities, see the world! Don't buy a house aged 20, go out and explore. Work in that bar in Ibiza just because you want to you don't have to adult until you are ready!

Don't settle because it's easy. You'll get complacent and be too scared to make changes. Make you happy, don't try to make others happy if it sacrifices your happiness. If you don't know what you want until your 30's it's ok. You don't have to have it all figured out at a young age.

True love does exist, you'll think it doesn't and it's only in movies, you'll actually then think everyone who seems to have it must be lying, then you'll realise it does exist and there is someone you want to grow old with and walk round the park hand in hand with at 65. It's just going to take a while and a few mistakes to find him. But it's worth it I promise.

True friends are hard to find. Don't hold onto those toxic people because you've grown up with them. They will try and drag you down, cut them loose as soon as you realise who they really are. You may only have a handful of friends, some of which you will rarely see but you will treasure them like the gems that they are.

A few last things.....

Those 7 inch heels will damage you for life (you'll still have them in your late 30's though as you cling on to your younger days- you'll never wear them again though!).

It's not a good idea to tattoo your own name on your body, it looks ridiculous and you'll have no idea why you did it.

You will never like tomatoes and that's ok.

There is no magic cure for a hangover and they get worse with age.

Having children will change your life in unexplainable ways. You will no longer be selfish and do everything in your power to protect that little person from everything.

Don't try to figure it all out, it will all fall into place when the time is right, just sit back and enjoy the ride and try to love yourself. You don't need to punish yourself for anything. You are perfect just the way you are