Tight hips and hamstrings, sore shoulders, lack of mobility and range of motion? I hear you! And I've got you! Since I've been training with weights more, I've noticed that I need to alter my yoga practice slightly to really concentrate on the areas that feel tight and sore following a session and also to prep my body for future sessions. Stretching, mobility and yoga are really important for prehab and rehab of the muscles and also helping to increase that all important range of motion. Struggling for depth in a squat? Lack of range in a snatch? Struggling to get under the bar at lightening speed in a clean? Yoga can and will help you with all of this and so much more! It's also amazing for those tiresome DOMS that I'm sure some of you have experienced after a particularly tough workout

Try these poses either on their own or moving between them in a flow (I've posted one here on Instagram if you need a little inspiration). Try staying in each pose for up to 10 breaths.

Puppy Pose is hands down one of my favourite yoga poses (or asana), not only is it like the perfect hybrid of downward dog and childs pose, its also perfect for stretching the shoulders, upper back, arms and abdominals. Keep the knees hip width apart and melt the chest and chin down towards the floor.

Downward Facing Dog is the perfect stretch for shoulders, hamstrings, calves, hips, and opens the chest. Try pedalling the feet alternately for an extra calf stretch. As this is an inversion pose, it also energises the body and helps to calm the mind. It's a real bang for your buck pose in terms of benefits!

Standing Forward Fold/Ragdoll is a deep stretch for your hamstrings and calves. It also opens the hips and helps relieve tension in the neck and shoulders. Keep the knees nice and soft and aim the chest towards the thighs. Remove all the tension from the head and neck and relax into the pose.

Aswell as all the benefits of a forward fold, this half standing forward fold lengthens the back and spine, which in turns helps the posture and helps to strengthen and stabilise the thighs and spine. If your range of motion doesn't allow your finger tips to touch the floor, place the hands on a block or support, on the shins or the thighs.

Upward facing dog is a fantastic way to open and stretch the chest and spine. The backbend energises and rejuvenates the body, while strengthening the wrists, arms and spine. Try and keep the shoulders and wrists in a straight line and engage the glutes.

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