Don’t get me wrong, the motivation of a gym, classes, and people are sometimes exactly what I need for my workouts but sometimes, If I’m short on time or I can’t get to the gym for some reason, home workouts are my go to!

I don’t have a huge amount of space at home for storing big and bulky equipment and I get that alot of people may be in the same situation but you don’t need masses of equipment in order to get a good and varied workout at home!!I love to workout outdoors at home (weather permitting!) so I make sure my equipment is portable and easy to move about so I can set it out how I need to for my workout in super quick time.

If you’re wanting to work out from home or wanting to mix things up outside the gym, then some quality pieces of kit are super important! I personally love and use the CrossFit range from Mirafit

Here are my favourite portable pieces of equipment:

Skipping rope- great for fast cardio workouts, plus you can take them anywhere Kettlebell - super versatile and great for a full body workout plus they come in loads of different weights! Paralettes - think tricep dips, deficit pushups, L sits, handstand pushups, callisthenics Plyo box - great for step ups, box jumps, hand stand push ups, box jump overs Medicine wall ball - wall ball shots, Russian twists, weighted sit ups


Stuck for time? Try this 6 minute lung busting metcon for a fast and sweaty blast!! You’ll need a plyo box and a medicine wall ball and a wall!

Exercise 1 - Box jump burpees - jump 2 footed onto the box, lock the hips out at the top, jump back down and straight into a burpee- this is one rep

Exercise 2 - Wall ball shots- Start arms length away from the wall facing the wall. Hold the wall ball in both hands and squat keeping the ball at the chest, extend from the squat and throw the ball up in to the air against the wall (if you want to get super specific make a target on the wall 10’ for men and 9’ for women to aim for), catch the ball at the bottom of the squat and repeat accordingly.

Set the timer for 6 minutes and keep adding reps in 3’s until the end!

3 wall balls 3 box jump burpees 6 wall balls 6 box jump burpees 9 wall balls 9 box jump burpees keep adding 3 reps ………. how many did you do?

*This post is in conjunction with Mirafit but all words and opinions are my own