As a self titled flexitarian with a pretty open mind I was excited to experience Sukhavati's Ayurvedic programme to see how it would enhance my current habits and lifestyle. As my car travelled through what can only be described as backroads I wasn't convinced the driver was taking me where he should! When we turned into a long driveway and I was greeted with a frangipani lei, a cold towel and a refreshing drink of coconut water I breathed a sigh of relief.

After my welcome I was shown to my private villa. Opening the green gates, I rounded the corner and the view took my breath away. Sun loungers and a cabana lined my private pool. Inside my room a huge luxurious four poster bed was the rooms proudest feature. Through another set of doors was my outdoor bathroom with my outdoor shower, I could get used to this!

All the food and treatments at Sukhavati are tailored to the individual so after settling into my home for the next 2 nights I had a consultation with the doctor to determine my dosha so my programme could be created. After taking my vital statistics, my pulse was monitored as this is how my ailments and dosha were determined. The retreat is aimed to detoxify, recharge and revitalise and my treatments were designed to help me achieve this.

I was then whisked off to the spa to begin my course of treatments starting with a foot and head massage, bliss!! Tension, stress and muscular fatigue were my main concerns and all my treatments from warm oil poured continuously over my third eye for 30 minutes (I challenge you not to fall asleep during this treatment!) to a treatment that involved stamping all over my body with bags packed with herbs (sounds strange but is amazing!) were prescribed to leave me feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

I sank into bed after dinner and fell straight asleep after all the afternoons pampering. I was woken early by the rain but it didn't detract fro the beauty in any way. I grabbed my umbrella and opted for a guided sunrise walk to the villages local rice paddies.

The next 2 days passed almost in a blur, treatments, food, relaxing, food, treatments, yoga. The idea is you completely surrender yourself to the staff and surroundings of Sukhavati and completely forget everything else and it certainly had the powers to do this. My only sadness is the rain that stuck around for my stay meaning I couldn't fully utilise my outside space. I did however take a rainy swim in my private pool which was an experience in itself.

I'm not sure the Ayurvedic approach is one I favour fully but I have certainly adopted some of my learnings into my life at home. That said there is nothing that Sukhavati have missed, no detail overlooked and I experienced some of the best staff hospitality possible. From lotions and creams blended and applied to my insect bites for me to specially mixed juices when I didn't feel very well. The attention to detail box is well and truly ticked!

You honestly have to see it to believe it. Words can't do the stunning surroundings justice, not one bit (although I've tried my hardest)