Recently I've been burning the candle at both ends and been too much yang and not enough yin so when Adventure Yogi invited me to spend a weekend with them in Oxfordshire I literally leapt at the chance. Yoga, food, beautiful scenery and fresh country air was exactly what the doctor ordered.


We were promised a nurturing, tasty and healthy vegetarian fare and boy did it deliver! Lien, our chef for the weekend cooked us up a feast at every meal. From millet porridge and green juice to sweet potato and coconut soup with celeriac and hazelnut dip the food was absolutely spot on. Don't be fooled into thinking healthy is boring and restrictive! We also indulged in beetroot brownies and almond cake with soy cream. Never hungry and with an abundance of fruit and nuts available if we did happen to get peckish in between meals (I don't think this would be possible though!!)


Ahh the yoga... Bess was our teacher, although she doesn't like the title teacher as she feels a teacher needs many many years experience, but we'll save that for another post! Bess guided us through our chakras with twice daily yoga sessions. A dynamic morning flow followed by a yin style evening flow. My body had been yearning for Bess's guidance. I didn't know what I needed till this weekend. With a personal practice that finds comfort in strong dynamic flows, this weekend saw that stripped away and me be guided through grounding gentle (although still fiery) practices with a very knowledgeable and admirable teacher. I cant recommend Bess highly enough, from her storytelling, balancing classes to her knowledge and wisdom off the mat, she is a teacher I'll be guided by for many years to come


Manor Farm House was my home for the weekend. I was shown to my super spacious bedroom to relax and unwind before our evening flow on the Friday night. A huge comfy bed and more than enough room in which to swing a cat, my bedroom was just what I needed. The rest of the house followed suit in its spacious, albeit dated rooms. There was an air of peace and tranquility. The whole house was ours to explore and relax in and we did just that. From the fully stocked kitchen to the sociable dining room no room was left unturned. The piece de resistance though was the studio room. Light and airy with windows both ends aswell as in the ceiling it was the perfect space to practice yoga and also escape if you needed some me time away from the rest of the house. The large grounds were the perfect place for some acro yoga and reading during our free time and the canals were right at the end of the drive


Every day started with an optional silent meditation walk along the locks and into the fields beyond. It was the perfect time to connect with myself and the nature around me. Mindfully moving, feeling every step beneath my feet and looking at the world around me. More often than not, I'm walking somewhere with intention, head down, concentrating on my destination without really appreciating the journey so this was the perfect antidote to that! Lastly the massages. I don't know whether I love or hate our masseuse. I knew my body needed a long overdue MOT and asked her to be firm, 30minutes later I was writhing on the massage couch having my knots very firmly massaged out of me! I hobbled away (seriously!) in agony but in a bizarrely good way!

So would I go again? YES! It was the perfect weekend to recharge and destress and indulge myself in some self care and me time. So if you're in need of a getaway head on over to and get it booked!