Don't get me wrong practising yoga at a studio or space designated to yoga is amazing but quite frankly some of us don't have the time or money to visit as much as we'd like to. When I first started practising at home I discovered that all I needed was a tiny space (literally no bigger than a mat!) to create the perfect sanctuary to flow in. Practising at home means no fitting into someone else's class schedule.


Find a space.

It could be in your bedroom, your study or even your kitchen. As long as it can fit a mat, gives you the room to move a little and is free of distraction then it's perfect! Even a tiny corner of your outside space, garden or balcony in the warmer months can be lovely.

Imagine flowing in the gentle morning sun...bliss!


Light a candle, burn oils or incense.

Calming scents are welcoming and familiar and can help you feel relaxed and present.


Lay your mat.

I lay my mat facing the natural light so when I sit or hold asanas I can feel the light on my face. I find it uplifting and grounding.

If you are in a room with no natural light you may to decide to lay your mat facing a favourite picture or ornament so you catch glimpses of them.


Grab some props.

They don't have to be expensive. Pillows can act as bolsters and meditation seats, books as blocks, a dressing gown belt as a strap.

Get creative! You don't need to spend a lot of money if you're just starting out.



I love to pick my favourite playlist and flow. I have different lists for different moods. If I'm feeling fiery I'll put something uplifting on, if I need to slow down and stretch I'll choose something calming and soft.

It can be great fun creating your playlists, picking music that means something to you or you're drawn towards, there is no right or wrong, it's all personal to you.

So there we go! 5 simple things you can do now to create a space for you to do yoga at home.

If it's available to you I suggest leaving your mat rolled out at all times so that if you need a little motivational boost then you can step onto it whenever you need to.

If it's not possible (kids, pets etc) try setting up your space before you go to bed so when you wake in the morning it's the first thing you see and you'll naturally gravitate towards it in the morning.

One of my favourite parts of my day is first thing before anyone else is up. I sit on my mat with a steaming cup of hot lemon water and watch the world wake up.

I'd love to see your spaces or hear your ideas. Leave a comment below or tag me in your pictures :)


Z x

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