I've been meaning to write this post for such a long time because it's a subject so close to my heart and one that sometimes gets missed in the sea of beautiful poses and pictures on social media.

The pictures I post on Instagram are not my yoga. They are simply places I take my body, a celebration as to where I am at any given time. I challenge myself and I push myself out of my comfort zone to see how far I can go. My real yoga, my flows, my breath, my mindfulness, all these things are the reason I can take my body to the places I take it for the purpose of pictures. What the picture doesn't show is the number of times I fall, the bruises, the frowns and the cross words at myself.

It also doesn't show the hundreds of times I laugh, at myself, because try as I might I can't balance on one finger and one toe but I'm still trying and I'm still smiling, not because this makes me a better person but because this is my journey and this is where I want to explore.

'Real' yoga is an ever evolving journey. It's a spiritual science of self realisation. A place where we can create and find space. It's about an open mind and an open heart and a way to honour your body and your mind.

My yoga takes me to a new place every single time I step on my mat. Some days it's purely meditation. Some days I crawl onto my mat and just lie in a ball. Other days it's handstand drills until I can't feel my wrists anymore. There are no rules to yoga, no rhyme and no reason. It's about growth, both physically and mentally. I've learned to take my body where it wants to go instead of my ego leading the way. When I started yoga it was all for the physical asana. It was so I could handstand, so I could bend my body into all sorts of positions. And I admit, I still enjoy the physical side, I love it when I can achieve something I've been working towards but more than the end result, I love the journey that takes me there.

There's never an end to yoga, always new space to find, always a variation on a physical asana, always something else to explore. That's why I love yoga. The moment I realised the beauty was in the journey and not the end result was the moment I truly understood.

Halfway through writing this post I got up and I took myself to my mat and stand on my hands for 10 minutes because I wanted to. Because for me it's a release. There's no motive behind why I do it, it makes me feel good so why the hell not?!


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