2017, we made it this far! Rather than making resolutions for the new year I prefer to set intentions and visions. I find resolutions too defining and too 'breakable' where as intentions and even goals are things I can work towards meaning their outcomes may change but I will have still achieved.

Hands up I admit in the past I've made resolutions that were too challenging or too extreme, broken them almost instantly and just reverted back to the norm. That's not motivating or enriching in any way. Resolutions make us feel like we are doing something wrong, they are a firm decision not to do something where as intentions are a course of action or an aim, more like an objective.

2017 My Intentions

- Be more positive- I'm the first person to find a negative in any situation. It's not intentional I guess it's just my defence mechanism so if things go wrong I didn't have any expectations in the first place. It's exhausting always being negative so I'm making a conscious decision to think before I speak and to turn the negative thought into a positive.

- Don't dwell on things I can't change- I spend hours worrying about the what ifs instead of just accepting what will be will be. Now is the time to change, accept that the present is the only thing that is real and live more in the present at all times.

- Take more me time, prioritise self care- With a large family and always being on the go, me time is always the first thing that slips and I don't take the tie to listen to the signs that I need to slow down or take some time out. I was ill at the end of 2016 and couldn't shake it because I was run down. If I had listened to my body I may have been able to prevent it.

- Meditate more- Again, it's about finding that little pocket of time to reground and centre. I prefer to meditate first thing in the morning so I'm going to make that extra effort to get up that bit earlier and begin my day the way I like to.

- Dedicate more time for my yoga unapologetically- Instead of worrying that yoga is taking me away from my family and other things I should be doing, I have made peace with myself and acknowledged that yoga is a part of me and makes me the person I want to be and that not only benefits me but also the people closest to me.

- Learn and develop more- This intention is ever evolving and ongoing. This year I would like to travel abroad to continue my journey of self development. My goal is to take a solo trip, really push my boundaries and learn things about myself and another culture and country.

So that's about it! My list looks long and trust me this is the diluted list! There is so much I want to achieve this year but having the foundations in place and rock solid will elevate me to be able to push myself outside my comfort zone and begin making my dreams a reality.

I've dedicated 2017 to the year of self improvement and I'll be making changes along the way to improve myself and further myself. For many years I've stayed in the safe zone. Never challenging, staying under the radar and always doing what was expected of me. 2017 is the year to make change.

What are your intentions for 2017?

In love and light


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