Wellness is here to stay, yippee! Whether your'e a trendsetter or follower read on for my top 5 wellness trends set to take the UK by storm in 2017

No 1) Plant based protein- Gone are the days where your protein had to come from an animal. A plethora of plant based proteins are now on the market and easily accessible for everyone. You can find proteins such as pea and hemp in everything from protein bars to smoothies. Plant protein is going mainstream, it will no longer be a niche for vegans and vegetarians but used by all.

No 2) Retreats- Retreats are becoming increasingly popular for women who want a holiday but don't want a break from the healthy lifestyle they live at home. Queue the growing popularity of the retreat. A break away from home that's focussed on health and wellbeing. You can pretty much pick a location, pack and go. Check out Orenda Retreats for mindfulness and wellness retreats in Menorca. You can choose your package and dates and tailor a retreat to your needs.

No 3) Getting skin savvy. 2016 saw us go minimal on the make up to help our skin. 2017 will see us drinking tonics and supplementing with superfood beauty powders and probiotics to make us beautiful from the inside out

No 4) Stepping away from the alcohol. Not just for 'Dry January' but for good. We've dabbled with the no alcohol but following in the footsteps of our American cousins and putting more focus into our health, next on the list is alcohol. Staying in was the new going out but now we're seeing an increase in gatherings and get togethers where alcohol isn't served and fitness parties where we all workout together then have an 'after party' with smoothies and juices. Not only is is good for our bodies it's good for our minds. No more forgotten antics but more importantly we're forging real connections with people and situations that aren't booze fuelled.

No 5) Black Garlic. With a less pungent flavour and almost twice the antioxidants of its better known fresh garlic, black garlic is set to make its debut in the Western market in 2017. Its been long used in Asia where it's well known for its powerful antioxidants, and can help to protect your cells from disease and keep you younger for longer!

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