Wow where do I start? It only seems like yesterday it was summer now it"s Christmas! The last 3 months have flown past and I feel like my feet haven't touched the ground.

So what's new? I've started (and nearly finished!) my 200hr yoga teacher training with Eden Hot Yoga and I've taken on a new and huge role at Ohana Communications directing the new wellbeing and lifestyle division.

2017 is set to be such an exciting new chapter for me with so many new opportunities and so many avenues to explore. I finish my yoga teacher training mid January and plan to strike while the iron is hot and start teaching some classes straight away. But I'm not stopping there. My thirst for knowledge has been reignited and I just want more!

2016 has been a really tough year. It's been long and hard. I started the year planning to compete in a bikini competition, restricting my food, obsessing over workouts and neglecting those closest to me. In May I had a huge wakeup call and realised I needed to be me and not a person I thought everyone wanted me to be and although it's been hard and still challenges me on a daily basis, I'm finally learning to accept that being me is ok. I won't suit everyone but that's ok too. I've lost people along the way but I've also gained people. People have come into my life who accept me, no questions asked. Those people are the ones to hold on to.

This year has also taught me to slow down a bit and think a little more. I've lived every day at 100 miles an hour never slowing and never stopping. Any hardships or tough times I've breezed through and locked away the memories in denial instead of dealing with the root of the problems and issues. Meditation is slowly making me realise it's ok to bring them back out of pandora's box, acknowledge that they are no longer serving me and make peace with myself.

To cut a really long (and really deep) story short, I've grown hugely in 2016. I've finally found the path I want to follow and started the long adventure down it. I'm not naive enough to think I've got it all figured out and I know the times ahead are set to challenge me even more but I also know that this is the path I want to follow not the one I feel I should follow.

I don't make resolutions and I don't view a new year as a chance to start a fresh. I believe we should set goals and establish new habits all year round, why wait until the new year to start something new? Start now. Right now. Don't put anything off but embrace the present moment.

In love and light x

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