I Love Leggings!

I live in activewear. It excites me so much that the activewear industry has evolved so much recently and you can find really cool leggings and apparel almost everywhere.

I admit I am a fully fledged leggings junkie. Give me a snazzy pair and i'm yours, BUT they have to pass a few tests before they earn a converted spot in my closet! Here are some thigs i look for before investing:

1) Do they pass the squat test! We've all done it. Put on a new pair of leggings, turned around in the mirror and bent over and checking what you can see! My advice, if you can see ANY underwear it's best to steer clear.

2) Do they roll down? This one is a little harder to tell in a cramped changing room but a little easier at home (I tend to online shop for my leggings because unfortunately Birmingham isn't teeming with amazing shops). I like my leggings to stay put. I tend to opt for higher waisted pairs (the perils of having babies) and I need to know they will stay put through a whole yoga class as there is nothing worse than constantly having to yank them up.

3) How much?! Yes there are leggings on the market for £250 and there are ones that you'll get change change out of a tenner for but which ones are the best? I don't personally believe leggings that have an eye watering price-tag are any technically better than cheaper alternatives. BUT I do believe in investing in your kit. It lasts you longer and it should prevent the dreaded falling down or sheer behinds!

I've got more brands of leggings than you'd believe but here are my favourites:

Dharma Bums

If you like snazzy patterned yoga pants then Dharma Bums are your best friend. I've recently invested in a couple of pairs of different patterned and length and they are both amazing. Comfy, stay in place and covers everything I need them to! They are in Australia but ship worldwide for really reasonable rates and they also do a mean sale where you can pick up a pair for a snip!


Again they do some amazing patterns but I'm currently loving Noli's plain crops. The material is gorgeous and soft, the length is perfect and they sit perfectly on my waist with no movement.

What leggings are you currently wearing and what brands do you love? Comment below, I'd love to hear! x

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