Life Lessons

Today is going to be short and sweet. It's more a diary entry that I'm sharing with the world because I think it's important to share the ups and downs of life. I started this blog to share a little bit about me and my life and to try and pass on some of my experiences, thoughts and musings. Until now it's struck me that I only seem to blog when something good happens or when I've got some exciting news to share. But that's not real life all of the time, right?

Today something shifted in my life. Something that has scared me. My security has been taken away, meaning i can't hide behind a job I hate anymore. A job that paid the bills but nothing more. What I'm left with now is time and opportunity.

There are 2 ways this can go. 1) I wallow. I sit here day after day and think about how terrible everything is and about how hard life is and how unfair it is that I no longer have a job that I hated but paid the bills. Or 2) I see this as an opportunity. I take the time i have on my hands and I completely immerse myself into making my dreams a reality. I grab everything that comes my way with 2 hands and I run with it. Into the unknown, into the unfamiliar but into the life I want.

Exciting times are just around the corner. I'll keep you updated along the way and I hope you'll share this journey with me over the next few months

In love and light x

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