The Last Supper?!

Mini rant alert! But on a serious note there's been a little- actually huge bugbear I've been carrying round for a while now and that's restrictive diets. From cutting out food groups, weighing and counting every last morsel, whichever way you look at it, it's not natural and it goes against our bodies needs and wants.

While I agree that there is a place for being aware of what you eat and ensuring you are nourishing your body in the right way, not eating after 6pm, not eating foods with a "T" in them or eating enough protein to put a bodybuilder to shame isn't healthy for either your body or your mind.

When people decide to start a diet or 'get back on plan' on a Monday they see it as a green light to consume a ridiculous amount of food before hand because they 'won't be allowed' on their diet. People view this as their 'last supper' i.e. I can't eat like this when I'm being 'good'. They then wake up the next morning a) feeling awful from the amount of calories consumed the day before and b) into a cycle of restriction.

Even the highly proclaimed macro counting is restrictive to some extent as you are counting numbers, ergo restricting yourself and your body or on the flip side allowing yourself to fill your macros with junk as it 'fits your macros'. This then kicks off the whole cycle again and eventually you end up bingeing and restarting again.

Every time this happens you feel that bit worse and promise yourself tomorrow will be different, this time you'll stick to the numbers religiously. You become obsessed with food, you stress when you can't eat the foods that aren't on your plan and so on and so on.

This week an email landed in my in box that fuelled my need to write this post. Someone claiming to be nutritionally trained who runs weight loss classes and plans claiming life changing results is promoting and asking people to join her in the run up to the bank holiday. The 5 day plan promises to help you lose a few lbs so you can stuff yourself silly on the bank holiday weekend and not worry about gaining weight as you'll have lost it by being "super strict" on the 5 days before. Thus balancing it out.

How is this message possibly healthy and how is this teaching people to love and respect their bodies and create a healthy relationship with food?

Balance is a word easier said than done but it is possible and it is achievable and you can say goodbye to diets forever if you just listen to your body (but I'll save that for another post!)

As always please eave me your thoughts and comments below, this is a subject really close to my heart and I love hearing your views too! :)

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