Things I love in August

We're halfway in so still a good few days to go but so far I love August! Yes, it helps that the sun is shining and everything seems better when it's brighter and the days seem longer but all in all life is good and here's why!

1) There's so much yoga going on for free! From namaste in a Kiehl's store to open air yoga at Resort's World. If you look hard enough there's plenty to get involved in and get your fix for free!

2) The Olympics! Love it or hate it (and I love it!) Olympic fever has taken over and what's better than getting behind your country and cheering on the athletes from your sofa!

3) Raspberries are in abundance in August. Sweet and tangy, perfect for snacks, breakfasts, smoothies, the possibilities are endless as are the health benefits.

4) Buying myself flowers! No excuses needed, just because flowers make me happy.

5) Being grateful. Taking time to myself to relax and be thankful. Taking 5 minutes to reflect and write down what I'm grateful for.

6) Balmy nights. The sun is on a winning streak, it seems to be sticking around for a while. What better way to unwind than sitting in the evening sun watching the world go by.

7) Wanderlusting over beaches and holidays. With the last one a distant memory, the planning and preparing for the next adventure takes over!

8) Alo Yoga's new fall collection, I want it all!

and last but not least...

8) Bank Holiday! No more words needed!

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