Quinoa Porridge

I love oats! Fact! Since cutting meat out of my diet I've found that I'm struggling to get enough protein in my diet so sometimes I switch my normal morning oats for something a bit different to get some extra protein and just to switch it up a little.

Queue quinoa porridge. Warm or cold this protein packed breakfast is perfect for cooking fresh if you have time or you can make up a batch and either grab it and go or warm it up in the morning, either way it's delicious!

Quinoa is great to have for breakfast and this recipe also uses chia seeds for an extra protein punch. Keeping you fuller for longer, energised and satisfied though the day.

So to make the porridge:

Ingredients (makes one serving)

50g Quinoa

250ml coconut milk (almond, hemp, rice would work too) 1tsp honey few drops vanilla essence/paste 1tbsp chia seeds Fruit/nuts/coconut/nut butter to top


Rinse the quinoa and add to a pan with 200ml milk, honey and vanilla. Bring to the boil then cover and simmer for 10 minutes. Remove lid and add the rest of the milk and simmer for another 4 minutes. Add the chia seeds, mix well and transfer to bowl. Add toppings, more honey if desired and serve.

I topped mine today with blueberries and mango but I also love adding frozen berries for that warm/cold sensation.

If you're making a batch just double/triple up the ingredients and store in the fridge. I put mine in a jar and add fruit the night before and grab it from the fridge in the morning if I'm in a rush!

Enjoy x

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