Strawberry Chia Pudding

Some things are too good not to share! This being one of them. I've used chia seeds in my overnight oats for years but never been adventurous to use them in other ways. I keep seeing pictures and posts of chia pudding and decided to bite the bullet and try one. Needless to say this will be the first of many. The texture can be a bit strange at first but the taste and endless possibilities of flavour combinations mean you can enjoy them everyday (meal!) and not get bored!

Ingredients for the pudding:

4 tbsp chia seeds 1tsp honey 2 tbsp yoghurt( I used honey greek yoghurt) 1 cup/250ml milk (I used coconut)

I topped mine with chopped strawberries and organic cacao nibs but anything and everything goes!


Add chia seeds, honey and yoghurt to a jar/bowl and mix thoroughly. Add milk and mix/shake until everything is combined. Pop in the fridge for 6/8 hours (overnight works best), top with fruit/nuts and enjoy!

I had mine for breakfast but they are perfect summer puddings or snacks for any time of day!

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