Rediscover Yourself


Anxious? Stressed? Keep starting over but can't seem to move forward? I've been there. Stuck in a job I hate, feeling alone and not knowing how to change it.

I threw myself into the gym, dieting, trying to shrink and change my body because I thought it was the answer to being happy. I reached the goal weight but it wasn't enough, I was still ignoring the underlying issues.

It's never too late to make changes, to unlearn, to reprogramme and create new habits.

My coaching concentrates on your mindset, the way you approach relationships with yourself and others, your job, your dreams, and aspirations.


Often the hardest part of the journey is starting. Some journies are long, others are shorter. I will be with you on your journey as long as it may be.

As your coach, I will help you to put regular self-care practices into place, work towards your goals and dreams and work on your relationships ultimately providing you with the tools to reach your wellness goals.


From mindset exercises and prompts, regular calls and techniques, and tricks, your journey to a healthy body and mind starts here.



Your Coaching Includes:

2x Skype calls per month to deep dive covering the topics decided by you on our discovery call (could include relationships, self-care, self-love, nutrition, physical activity, creating healthy habits)


Regular email and WhatsApp support and questions to keep you accountable


Worksheets, journalling exercises, movement techniques and meditations and tools to help you change your mindset and your lifestyle